Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disable the action bar, keyboard or parts of the interface?

The addon is fully modular, and any module can be disabled from your addons list in-game — just like any other addon. Any time you want to disable a large module, you should check your addon list before asking.


One of my buttons sometimes casts a spell and sometimes it brings out the mouse cursor. What’s going on?

By default, the interact button is enabled. This feature enables you to dynamically remap one of your buttons to be used for interacting with the game environment. It works depending on your current target; a damaging spell as your primary function will remap itself to interact when you have a friendly target or no target at all. Vice versa for a healing spell. If you have this button bound to an arbitrary binding, it will only trigger that binding when you have a target and interact in all other cases. The interact button is configurable in the Controls tab in the controller configuration.


How do I heal with a controller?

ConsolePort has a binding called Raid Cursor, which uses the directional pad to snap onto unit frames. It will redirect helpful spells to friendly units and harmful spells to enemies, allowing you to maintain your current target while simultaneously targeting people in your group/raid. You can use spell macros to circumvent certain spells that are not redirected as you want them to, as the cursor only operates on plain spells from your spellbook on the action bar.


Target Scan Enemy (Hold) doesn’t work anymore in patch 7.1. How do I fix it?

/console TargetNearestUseOld 0 – sets targeting to use the Legion algorithm instead of the old one from Warlords, which is default in 7.1.

What controllers are supported by WoWmapper?

WoWmapper currently provides direct support for the following controllers:

  • Dualshock 4 (PS4 Standard/Pro)
  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Xbox One controller

Other devices such as generic gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels, etc. can be used by emulating an Xbox 360 controller using X360CE.For more details on how to do this, please see the article here.


Is WoWmapper available for Mac OS X?

Unfortunately, WoWmapper is only available for Windows, and there are no plans to develop for other platforms at this time. If you are using ConsolePort on Mac OS X and need an input mapper, please see the article here.


I want to use different modifiers than the ones provided by default. How do I fix this?

You can change your modifier preset under Key Bindings > Modifier Buttons. If ConsolePort sync is enabled, your new settings will be exported automatically. Otherwise you’ll have to replicate your settings in-game under Controls > Trigger Settings in the ConsolePort configuration.


Are the memory reading options safe to use?

When using memory reading, you may be putting your account at risk because the terms of use dictate that third-party software may not read areas of RAM used by the game to store information about your character or the game environment. However, Blizzard normally targets specific software that they find malicious at their own discretion. WoWmapper is a harmless piece of open-source software and our only goal is to improve your game experience. WoWmapper does not automate your gameplay or use the information collected in any way to undermine the restrictions in the game. Nobody has ever reported a ban for using WoWmapper with or without the memory reading features enabled.

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