WoWmapper Alternatives

If you are on an unsupported platform, or just cannot get WoWmapper to work, please try one of the following alternatives. Please note that the developers are unable to provide any specific configuration advice regarding any of the listed programs.


Unsupported Devices

If you are on Windows and are trying to use a device not natively supported by WoWmapper, it may still be possible to use the device by emulating an Xbox 360 controller using X360CE, which WoWmapper can then recognize. For more details on how to do this, please see the article here.


Creating custom profiles

  • Shift and Ctrl need to be mapped to any of the four buttons on the shoulder of the controller. You may choose which two of the four buttons to use.
  • Assign your sticks to WASD and mouse control. Assign the click action of each stick to the corresponding mouse button.
  • Use regular keys for the rest of the buttons. It doesn’t matter which buttons you use, but it’s recommended to avoid Enter, Tab, Escape and keys that can conflict with the game client or your operating system. 
  • Choosing buttons for your profile doesn’t affect your regular key bindings. The controller map is only used for calibration purposes and you may then configure your controller bindings separately in-game.



Xpadder is a simple controller mapping application that works for Xbox controllers only. Map the controller buttons and sticks to the appropriate keyboard keys and run the calibration tool from within ConsolePort.


DS4Windows allows you to map the inputs from your controller into keyboard and mouse movements. Map the controller buttons and sticks to the appropriate keyboard keys and run the calibration tool from within ConsolePort.

Mac OS X


Joystick Mapper