WoWmapper with X360CE

Since WoWmapper only directly supports official PS4 and Xbox controllers, some additional software is required to get it working with other controllers and input devices. The simplest way to set this up is to use X360CE, which will read the input from your device and emulate an Xbox 360 controller, which can then be recognized by WoWmapper and configured for use with ConsolePort.

Getting started

Firstly, if required, you will need to download and configure any drivers or software for your device. Several devices will work with X360CE using the default Windows drivers. The drivers and software required will vary depending on your device and the easiest way to find the appropriate software is via Google. Please do not request drivers or software in any Discord channels.

Installing X360CE

Start by downloading the latest 64-bit version of X360CE. Please make sure you have downloaded the correct version before continuing, as the 32-bit version will not work on 64-bit systems. Once you have the file downloaded, extract it to the WoWmapper installation directory.

If you have previously attempted to use any version of X360CE, please remove any xinput*.dll files created by previous installations before continuing.

Configuring X360CE for WoWmapper

Once X360CE has been extracted, start it by running x360ce_x64.exe. When it starts up, a window will pop up warning you that xinput1_3.dll is missing.

Press the Create button and the file will be created in the WoWmapper installation directory. After creating the file, you will need to tell WoWmapper that you want to load it instead of the regular version used by Windows.

Once you have created the file, connect your device and X360CE will ask you whether you want to search online for profiles. It is recommended that you attempt to find a profile online, however it may be necessary to construct your own profile depending on the device you wish to use.

Configuring WoWmapper for X360CE

Start WoWmapper and open the configuration menu by pressing the icon in the upper right hand corner. From the main WoWmapper configuration panel, select Override Xinput library, and then select xinput1_3.dll from the drop-down list.

Completely exit and restart WoWmapper and go to the Controllers panel. From here you should be able to select an Xinput device representing any controllers connected through X360CE. If your device does not show immediately, you may need to disconnect and reconnect it before it will appear.

To configure mappings for buttons on your device to the Xbox 360 controller buttons received by WoWmapper, please run the X360CE configuration utility.